PBN Builder Review

Thank you for watching my PBN Builder Review.

PBN Builder is a cloud based PBN building software by Joshua Zamora 

which launches on the 24th August at 11am EST.

Joshua is recognized for creating world class, premium quality web based 

softwares. One of which is called Syndlab (that I already own and 

use). Syndlab will incorporate easily with pbn builder to blast 

your google / youtube search rankings to the moon.

Most people think that creating PBN’s is a tedious and technical 

task… and they are 100% right but with this software it makes the 

whole process a walk in the park.

In fact you can get set up and running within 10mins!

To learn more and for a demo of PBN builder, simply hit the 

link below and visit the web page.

refuelr review

Thanks for looking at my refuelr review.

Refuelr is surely an interesting traffic generation method using Pinterest.


This isn’t a ‘make money online’ or ‘get rich quick’ strategy. It’s a 

traffic generation system which you can use to drive targeted traffic to 

your website, ecom store or squeeze page.

If you’re looking for a get rich quick strategy or a quick way to make some 

money online then take a look at my FREE video training course here: 


Refuelr is an impressive way to drive no cost traffic to your store or blog and 

pinterest is often disregarded for this.

I know this works as I also use pinterest to generate traffic to one of my 

ecom stores.

printly review

Thank you for watching my printly review.

Printly is a unique 

income generating tactic which is easy to create and 

creates a residual income stream… Which all 

of us love

Ike (the product creator) is making a passive $1800 every single month 

using this method.

Printly involves developing printable PDF files 

that you could 

sell in 

literally any niche on the planet.

Printly Review

I didn’t think it was possible to make money this way but Ike has alot of 

income proof stating otherwise.

Simple income generation methods like 

printly are often overlooked.

Thanks for checking out my printly review.

2 day profits review

Get 2 Day Profits Here: Get 2 Day Profits Here: http://www.jono-armstrong.com/2dayprofits

Thank you for watching my 2 day profits review.

2 Day Profits is a online video course by Paul Prissick and Mark Barrett. This course is presented by Paul. In the course you 

will discover a nifty way to monetize from highly affordable tier 2 & tier 3 traffic (and also free traffic) by using high payout 

CPA offers specifically made for Tier 2 and tier 3 traffic.

Additionally, you will understand how to build a lead capture page, sales funnel and email list which you can use to send people to both 

more Offers of cpa and also affiliate offers. This list becomes your asset. Additionally, you’ll review how to use exit re-direct 

pop-ups on your squeeze pages with examples there for you to copy. 

Get 2 Day Profits & my Bonuses Here: Get 2 Day Profits Here: http://www.jono-armstrong.com/2dayprofits

The upsells feature a done for you email series (tried & tested to convert) and also a funnel (including all the products 

to promote to your list).

Paul also shows you 5 different ways to get free traffic to your list. Each method has a series of 10 video’s 

explaining exactly what you need to do to get the free traffic to your squeeze page.


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2 day profits is an awesome method that you can use to monetize from right out of the box and in addition if you’re new to 

building landing pages & subscriber lists, this is a great way to try out your squeeze pages and funnel to see the profits!

Thanks for watching my 2 day profits review I hope you got value from it. Please don’t forget about my 2 day profits 

bonus pack that I have for you… super valuable.

Get 2 Day Profits & my Bonuses Here: Get 2 Day Profits Here: http://www.jono-armstrong.com/2dayprofits


lindgrens lazy method review

Get Lindgrens Lazy Method here: http://jono-armstrong.com/LindgrensLazyMethod

Here’s my lindgrens lazy method review. I’ve been actually using the method that Jonas shows in this course for a 

little over a week after consulting with Jonas on how to do it correctly. I’ve seen quick results and from my previous 

video I made a little over $60. This movie took around 12mins to make and I haven’t been using an 

email list to market 

it either.

in lindgrens lazy method you will learn the art of ‘launch jacking’ which will allow you to find hot

programs that are 

just about to be launched and then make review video’s (just like this one) to sniper or hijack the 

commission fees from 

large affiliates.

It’s such a super lazy method that Jonas Lindgren teaches you and it’s a

system that you can get started with right away 

even if you’re a lazy slob like me. 

In this review i’ll explain to you exactly what to expect from Jonas’s course and i’ve also made 

some high value bonus 

training that will help you get even more value from lindgrens method. These include an in-

depth tutorial that will show 

you how to create high quality professional looking bonus pages with minimal effort and also a video tutorial that will 

show you the exact method i use along side Lindgrens way to rank my review video’s.

These bonuses are super valuable and have been taylor made to help you get the most out of this course.


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Watch Lindgrens Lazy Method: https://youtu.be/jNXi1b49nWE

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Don’t forget to pick jonas’s course up here: http://jono-armstrong.com/LindgrensLazyMethod along with all of my high 

value bonuses.

I hope you found my review of Lindgrens Lazy Method helpful.

lindgrens lazy method review


Vidizi Review

In this Vidizi review, I will show you an remarkable cloud based application by Jimmy Kim which allows you to generate short 15 

second video’s to use for your Facebook ads.

Vidizi gives you admission to hundreds of professional stock video footage taken by one of Hollywoods’ top videographers. 

You can use thesestock video’s as a background to your facebook adverts no matter what market you are in. You will also have 

access to a ton of royalty free audio tracks to use in your video advertisements.

Jimmy created vidizi a litte over 2 months ago in response to a notification from facebook saying that the very best time 

for video based ads is 15 seconds. during his time testing the software, Jimmy made just under $53k from a total ad spend 

of $2.3k

Here’s my FULL and REAL Commission Resurrection Review!

I’ve been looking forward to purchasing commission resurrection for around 10 days now and have FINALLY bought it and gone through it.

I have to say for only $9.95 this course is the BEST course i’ve bought so far this year.

If you’re a complete newbie then this course teaches you exactly how to start making money online with affiliate marketing and list building. Even if you’re an experienced marketer then commission resurrection can give you a handful of GOLDEN nugget tips for you to improve your game.

Ben Martin is a guy who walks the walk and not only talks the talk. He currently lives in the Caribbean with his girlfriend and makes a VERY good living from affiliate marketing ($1,400+ per DAY).

In Commission Resurrection, Ben is giving you access to his business blueprint and NOTHING is left out.

I hope you find this review both enjoyable and informative. If you have any questions then please leave a comment below or email me at: jonoarmstrong1980@gmail.com

Thanks for watching 🙂